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The Green Revolution has taken the packaging industry by storm. The demand for reusable and recyclable alternatives is making manufacturers question how and in what way their goods are transferred. Avery Packaging has patented their Reusable Transport Package to solve the packaging issues in mass shipping and to eliminate unnecessary waste and cost. Avery Packaging isn’t the first company to make these changes though. Hundreds of businesses are doing their part to create sustainable, responsible, and recyclable packaging for their products. Most companies are taking their respective product and giving it a green twist. Check out some of these innovative and sustainable packaging creations that are creating a better tomorrow.



Coca-Cola Plant Bottle

Annual Board Cover 11x17

Coca-Cola switched to their plant bottle packaging, the first ever, fully-recyclable, PET plastic beverage bottle, made from 30% renewable plant based materials. While PET is plastic, it is made from sugarcane-based ingredients instead of petroleum.





With HangerPak, the package is part of the product. A completely reusable package creates a hanger out of the package. The designer was inspired with his own, online ordered shirts and lack of hangers so he created a sustainable solution.


HP and Wal-Mart


HP and Wal-Mart teamed up and was able to reduce their packaging by an incredible 97% for HP’s Pavilion dv6929. The laptop’s packaging forgoes Styrofoam and cardboard and replaces it with a few throwaway plastic bags (that remaining 3%) and a reusable bag, acting as the case, which is created from 100% recycled fabric.


Philips LED Light Bulbs


Not only are LED light bulbs an energy saver, now the packaging is sustainable. The hexagon shape of the container as well as the bulbs maximize the space and amount of product that can fit into a container. The design uses only post-consumer recycled paper to boot!


Puma’s “Clever Little Bag”


Puma redefined packaging for shoes with their “Clever Little Bag” design, replacing traditional cardboard shoe boxes. The reusable shoe uses less material, reduces weight, and eliminate the need for extra plastic carrier bags. The result of the “Clever Little Bag” was a 65% paper reduction and subsequently reduces water, energy, and diesel consumption of manufacturing by 60% every year.

Each sector of business has gotten on board with a greener way of thinking. Whether its packaging products or mass shipping, sustainable means of doing so are imperative to the businesses success through environmental responsibility, cost, and reusability.