Avery Packaging has patented a sustainable-reusable transport container. The container is constructed of a frame and vessels that can be manually and/or automatically set-up, and flattened for return and additional re-use. We estimate that approximately 98% of the frame and vessel can be used in the same or other transport packages more than 80-100 times before end of life recycling. Thereafter, this 98-100% of the recycled material can still be re-used in other transport packaging or for other uses. Since 1998, the Container and Pallet Services Co (CAPS), www.usecaps.com, has worked with automotive and bulk liquid industries to analyze, provide, track, and manage the reusable container supply chains. Because of the escalating cost, the packaging industry is striving to create cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Mission Statement

It is Avery Packaging’s vision to lead the worldwide packaging industry in conception, development, and commercialization of 3D adjustable and sustainable transport and other packaging. Avery Packaging will strive to provide cost-effective packaging while minimizing the net damage to the environment. Avery Packaging’s has solved this important issue in a unique way and without a bias towards particular materials, forms or processes.

Transport packaging is the latest development in a string of innovation by Avery Packaging. Several patents form the backbone of the packaging solution:

US Patents – Titles

4,982,872 – Film-Encapsulated-structure container for food, beverages, and other consumable products.

5,573,173 – Minimal shipping container and method of construction Plus 22 International patents

5,595,051 – Minimal shipping container and method of construction Plus 22 International patents

6,082,571 – Sheath-Structure container and method for manufacturing.

7,624,887 – Reusable transport packaging.

All of these patents reveal an effort to use less material and have those materials have a greater “reusability-recyclability” and therefore less net environmental impact. Patent and concept development and refinements are continually explored with the most promising prototyped and tested.