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MoldContaminationIn the food packaging industry, one the largest and most important hurdles to jump is effective food safety. Containers, if not ventilated and stored properly, can be a breeding ground for harmful substances such as mold. Mold can be a serious health concern especially when it comes to our food. Certain molds can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems, while some with poisonous traits can cause illness and serious health concerns. Mold can be found on the surface of food, within the product, or growing on the actual container itself. Temperature, humidity, and moisture is the combination most often associated with mold and, unfortunately, can be the standard conditions for food handling.

Mold is a serious issue that, when found, needs to be addressed immediately; it affects the food quality, safety, and revenue for the business. “Shipping, handling and storing products in standard corrugated containers affected by moisture, humidity, and temperature can lead to 5-25% of damaged and unsaleable product.” Why not use a more viable solution than standardized containers that do more damage to the quality and handling of food. Reusable Transport Package (RTP) is one option for more efficient food handling. RTP’s use a variety of ways to ensure safe food transportation without the concerns of mold or product damage.

RTP’s use films that conform to portions inside and outside the container. These films not only protect the frame, it keeps products from moisture, contaminates, and creates a more stable alternative. There are also alternative films such as “virgin films” that wrap around the frames and products to keep the items sanitary as well as provide tamper evident safety. Other container options include suspending products or supported within the physical container. This may sound like a no-brainer but stacking is still a popular tool among some manufacturers and service providers. Stacking may seem sensible but coupled with the movement that comes with travelling and the vibration within the container, stacking can cause crushing and product damage.

Food safety should be one of our number one concerns considering it is all around us. Our health relies on the safety of food transportation. Mold can be a large problem, especially in hot, moist, and humid areas. Always make sure that your food is safe and free from mold growth.