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averyThe design, functionality, and environmentally friendly aspects of packaging are all essential to customers when choosing a product. From the source, Edie Newsroom, this article discusses consumer response to irresponsible packaging. Today, people like to buy products that are environmentally safe and those that are not, consumers are starting to boycott those brands simply because of their packaging.

“A study released by Forum for the Future, commissioned on behalf of Novelis, found that shoppers react positively towards companies that use green packaging and would consider switching to a comparable brand that offered a more sustainable option. With waste reduction rated as one of the most important issues, consumers are increasingly expecting companies to address sustainability through the materials they use and the products they offer.” Research shows. Green packaging and company responsibility is important to the integrity and longevity of businesses. Industries that have a high standard to recycle and reuse products and/or packaging.

Vice versa, companies that have negative or no practices are often scorned by consumers. The same study from Forum for the Future found the following, “According to the study, 90% of consumers stated that if they learned of a company’s irresponsible or deceptive business practices, they would stop buying its products, with 55% stating they would boycott those products or services altogether.”

Businesses that show green, sustainable responsibility are attractive to consumers. Avery Packaging is allowing companies a unique and responsible alternative to package their goods. The Reusable Transport Packaging (RTP) has internal and externals benefits for the products and your company. Benefits include a minimum carbon footprint, life cycle analysis, improved sustainability, and extended producer responsibility. 100% reusable or recyclable, our RTP is a cost effective, efficient alternative to previous means of packaging.

Show your consumers that you’re the real deal. Dedicate yourself and your business to making the world a greener place.