Avery Packaging announces the revolutionary 3D Adjustable Sustainable Transport Container! This patented
innovation has NO material or size biases. It raises the standard by satisfying the four “R’s” of

Dramatic Cost Savings for Shippers, Totes, Gaylords, Bins, Crates, Etc.
R.O.I.  2 Years or less



*Assumes $2.00 single use cost – RTP at $20.00/unit; total of $3.36MM for 168,000 units
**Assumes 10 uses per year


  • REDUCE: The 3D Adjustable Exoskeleton beats all competitive containers of the same size and function through a ground-breaking design that reduces materials by both weight and volume.
  • REUSE: Packaging Lab testing confirms that the Exoskeleton can be reused more than 80 times after drop tests consisting of a 60 pound content weight. Guaranteed!
  • RECYCLE: The Nucor Steel’s Castrip Process® guarantees that the galvanized steel used in the Exoskeleton will be composed of 94% post-consumer recycled content.
  • REPLACE: The simplicity of the 3D Adjustable Sustainable Container makes it easier to replace parts so you can reuse the container for its original purpose or apply it to another purpose.