Avery Packaging’s patented RTP (Reusable Transport Package/shipper) is the only current package that can satisfy the requirements of the following.

RTP Superior Benefits
  • Green Packaging
  • Minimal Carbon Footprint
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Sustainability (most reuses per original unit) and (most post consumer waste per original unit)
  • Shelf Ready and Lay Flat Capabilities for primary product integrity
  • Extended Producer Responsibility


recycled elements in the handsWhat is it?

The RTP (Reusable Transport Package) (Patented) is a patented package with an exoskeleton frame combined with product containing vessels connected to or suspended from the frame.

Why is it important?

The frame is made from 94% or more post-consumer waste materials. Source: Nucor – Castrip® process.

100% of the RTP can be recycled into the next generation of the same RTP. Making it hereby totally sustainable.

Has the durability to withstand more than 80 uses before end of life.

Products in vessels can be visible during entire supply chain.

Major safety and sanitation features. Components that can be easily sanitized.

Easy to use, collect, and reuse.

What does it cost?

Assuming 10 uses/year the payback, if purchased, can be 2 years or less

RTP’s can be leased or purchased

Custom designed vessels can be made from flexible plastic sheet, films, and/or fabrics as well as rigid materials.

Space and Shipping cost savings. RTP’s can be stacked 96”high on pallets without corner boards, banding, and wrapping. Estimated savings…$5.00/pallet, minimum.

Simplification of shipping.RTP’s current standard size.24”L, 20”W & 12”OH. 4 RTP’s per pallet layer

Increased Capacity with minimal cost increases with 16” and 24” OH

Reduced Materials in Primary Packages due to RTP package strength.

RTP’s should not be involved in Federal, State, and City costly mandatory recycling and rebate programs.


Galvanized steel was used in place of other materials because of its continuous reuse and recyclability capabilities. And, Nucor Steel can guarantee that 94% of the origin of packaging materials used is from post-consumer waste. All components of the RTP are 100% recyclable.

Steel is non-porous, non-toxic and not effected by water/liquids, temperatures, air, and toxic chemicals. This satisfies safety and sanitation requirements.

With the emphasis on Extended Producer Responsibility growing internationally,Avery Packaging’s RTP not only becomes financially favorable, but environmentally valuable as well.