Cut Cost on Shipping Packaging

Reusable Transport Packaging offers both immediate and extended savings per your specific product.


3 Year Amortized

10 uses/unit/year

Up to 50% versus Corrugated!

5 Year Amortized

10 uses/unit/year

Greater than 50% versus Corrugated!

Container Capacity Increase

4 per pallet layer versus Corrugated 5

(24″1, 20″w, 12″oh) (24″1, 16″W, 11″oh)

Product Shrinkage

Less than 10% average for all products

Container Damage and Losses

At least 5% less than plastic trays, totes and crates

Pallet Edge Protectors

Banding & Film Wrap

Up to 50% versus Corrugated!

OCC’s Bailing & Disposal

Bailing approximately 2M OCC’s per ton

Up to 2% of labor cost


Reuseable Transport Packaging is NOT involved in Federal or State regulatory recycling programs.

The structured technology is temperature, liquid, stain, scratch and bacteria resistant,
resulting in better sanitation and safety programs.

Containers with products are purchasing ready on shelf, in freezer, refrigerator
and end of aisle display.

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